OMG Cadbury Screme Eggs are a real thing

I have a weak spot for junk food.  Well, all food really, but I do love me some horrible overly-processed or sugary foods sometimes.  Like pizza rolls. And Cadbury Creme Eggs.  The latter very sadly only available around Easter time (and the former not available in the UAE at all, from what  can tell).

Today I was grocery shopping and what did I discover but Cadbury Screme Eggs. My delight at this was incomprehensible. These scream eggs are like an oasis in a year-long drought of sugary deliciousness.

So this post is for you Cadbury Screme Eggs. Thanks for the October save.

On a side note – I miss Halloween in America very much indeed.  And Renaissance Faires.  Hopefully I will make it into the states next October to partake in both (plus a wedding!).  *fingers crossed*

Orchids & Trying Not To Kill Them

Orchids.  I like them.  They have an interesting look and the flowers bloom for a nice, long amount of time.  This is part of why I like orchids, but I think I like them more due to the challenge it is for me to keep them kicking.  I have trouble enough keeping regular plants alive so why I continually try (and fail) to keep orchids is beyond me.  It’s cruel to the poor, defenseless orchid, plain and simple.

This is my new office orchid, which I have had for a couple weeks now.  It’s doing fine so far, but they always do at first.  Give it time.  I’ll kill the pretty little thing dead, I swear I will.

alive…for now

Added bird bonus: Check out the bird I saddled to the stem of the orchid.  I was ridiculously tickled the other day upon making a purchase in Mulberry when they attached a bird to my shopping bag.  I love little packaging details like that.